Do Silver and Gold mix?

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What do I mean by this title? Well,you need to read through the whole blog for that!!

I start with all data I’ve got.

Silver is a chemical element with symbol Ag—- Gold is a chemical element with symbol Au.

Atomic number (Ag)=47—-Atomic number(Au)=79

Silver being more abundant than gold is still less valued to be a precious metal…

It is available in pure form(native silver) and as an alloy with gold..The above mentioned info are all scientific.

Therefore Silver mixes with Gold chemically! Continue reading!!

But what does one really need to understand about Silver and Gold. I mean that they should have relative comparisons to real life!!Since both are valuables one can’t compare them with Rich and Poor…

We need to compare Silver and Gold to a much simpler theme where people can think upon it as a very basic reference..

So here I compare it with Quantity and Quality!!To be more precise:

Quantity=Silver & Quality=Gold.

Yes!! you read it right..

Finding quality tech, food, infrastructure, education and even people are hard nowadays. It’s like buying gold even if we find one! Isn’t it?

Do silver and Gold mix?
Do silver and Gold mix?

India had preserved a large amount of it’s ‘quality’ in the 20th century(of course after our independence). Now we can see the manifold increase in things(quantity) which are not upto their mark(quality)!!

Silver(quantity) being abundant in nature does not provide the required attraction as provided by Gold(quality) due to which it is excluded from wearable jewellery!

It is often said that, “It is better to have a small group of well wishers rather than having a large group of cheap followers”. People in India are only looking to buy a Silver grade item that offers them variety of options without any quality. What we really need to look upon is both ‘Silver & Gold’. This is very rare since you can find them only as an alloy in chemical form that too only at selected places in India. These need to be visualized as Quality and Quantity whose mixture would demand a very high cost!

By spreading that kind of a cultivation to the rest of India , we would me unimaginable at that point of time..

So yes!! Quantity does mix with Quality(as Silver mixes with Gold) but we have a very few existence of that state of matter whose multiplication would produce the best result of our lifetime. This proves that we have quality tech, food, infrastructure and education in small amount.

We even have people who are called “He is one gem of a person” whose actions strongly favour the development of our country. To identify those few among the throng would be a difficult task at first but by finding them it will give us a chance to promote the hybrid cultivation that we are dreaming of!!

To become a successful individual or country as a whole, you need to have Silver and Gold mixed in equal amount. As an individual you gain fame and happiness through your quality and offer variety of things to the needy through your quantity. It may be whatever offerings you do but the hybrid state will make sure that you stay in the game forever..

Great leaders mention that ‘God prefers quality over quantity’, that is because they have achieved many things ordinary people can’t, which is why we(the quantity guys) call them great(the quality guys)!! They lack the idea of hybrid or mixture due to their decade long solitude. Nowadays  people are not judged by the quality of the company he keeps, but it is common to judge sociability of a person with the number of contacts he has on social networking sites.

Me as a blogger, quality of posts is important but I also need to remain in the memory of the readers which is why I need to maintain the quantity of posts as well!!

All these add up to the very existence of (Quantity+Quality) and eventually you readers have completed reading my 691 words.

So thank you guys for reading this blog and I would appreciate if you contribute some valuable things to our Great Nation!!













Parallel Universe

rho-ohm Tech exploring...
rho-ohm Tech exploring…


Reading the above title ,you would be thinking as to what does parallel universe mean?


This blog is not the kind, you readers are expecting.

I am not going to explain the technical and science aspects that deal with the above title(Parallel Universe).

As I’m no Scientist or Physicist, this blog would be a kind, what you readers should deeply be thinking..

Consider a Cube, a Cylinder mounted with a Cone and a Solid Gauge tyre separated by means of decreasing Wedge .

Imagine these shapes represent your Mind and Heart.

A mind has only one State Of Matter(SOM)i.e. your brain.

Whereas Heart is one which is bound with both Soul and Blood.

Explaining you in Basic terms I’m actually relating Parallel Universe with one’s mind and heart. It is at the point of time when you take decisions on your own without a prior consultation from your Seniors-your Mind and Heart lives in a parallel world.

For you to be at the state of peace,your mind will have to cross the barrier(Wedge) at the earliest. So it chooses a path where the width of the wedge is least. This means that an existence of parallel universe that  eventually combines with ours,results in meeting up of a human’s heart and mind.

Technically speaking a Parallel Universe is considered to be another dimension. This is my root cause for the relation of human’s soul to it. We actually never experience what our soul thinks. It only reminds us as a separate living being until we die.

The reason why I’m literally writing the above theory is to let the readers understand  that nowadays people don’t believe in superstitions on life existing after death. After the end of one’s life his soul rests in peace in a different world, to be more accurate in a parallel universe. Well the shapes designed,give us a deep reminder that our Mind and Heart are too solid to change. Hence for a better understanding and a smooth cycle of one’s life there is utmost necessity of combining them to one single platform.

It is indeed in terms of Sci-Fiction described to be a hypothetical alternate universe.

I would like to mention about Edwin. A. Abbott.

He wrote a concept called the flatland.

It describes a world of two dimensions inhabited by living squares, triangles, and circles, called Flatland, as well as Pointland (0 dimensions), Lineland (1 dimension), and Spaceland (three dimensions).

As mentioned in my previous blog about Time being another dimension, add a fourth dimension to space, and there is room for an indefinite number of universes,all alongside of each other.

It is this same fact that we as humans are bound to have many behavioral patterns. In order to cope up with this result we need to have the potential to have a quick cross-over of the wedge even the regions of maximum thickness.

Quote from: Philip Pullman, The Golden Compass

If a coin comes down heads, that means that the possibility of its coming down tails has collapsed. Until that moment the two possibilities were equal.
But on another world, it does come down tails. And when that happens, the two worlds split apart.

I end this up with the readers thinking about the rest of their lives on what actually they need to achieve interms of bringing their mind and heart together.

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