The Unexpected S-I-R

rhoohmtech announcing...
rhoohmtech announcing…

Sir, may I come in…

Sir, shall we proceed with the meeting..

Excuse me Sir, could you do me favor..

Why am I repeating this word “SIR” again and again…

To elucidate this THREE LETTER WORD would take us an opportunity to close our eyes for a very long time..

SIR” strictly means and proves to be the abbreviation of “SLAVE I REMAIN“.

The fact that we tend to use this word multiple times in our daily situations, would in-turn reverse the path of our life, to a direction where our ancestors existed. It means that we ourselves are bowing our head to a person who is not your blood relation and thereby you are declaring to be his slave, until your lifespan ends..

Well! You have your INTERNET stating that,”SIR” means a word:

Used as a polite or respectful way of addressing a man, especially one in a position of authority.

You are living in the 21st century and Yessss! you are a free-bird.

But how long and to how many, have you remained a slave by uttering this word to multiple times.

People should call out each other with their own name, to display a uniform behavior and so as to address one-another with clarity to provide better understanding, officially as well as unofficially.

The SLAVE I REMAIN (SIR) can be substituted to SILENT IN RESPONSE (SIR) to whatever or whoever you feel should be ignored, for your selfish betterment, in order to thrive in this so stiff World which portrays only those who create HISTORY