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Hey what is up folks!!

It is that time of the year where I just pretend to write a blog and never care about it for the rest of the time.

Not this time guys. This time it ain’t just about writing blogs, its about bringing some real changes to my life as well as yours. Oh yeah, for a start lets talk about a recent event that totally surprised me physically. Oh no no no…wait.. I had met with a ‘not that severe’ kind of an accident leading to two surgeries. Well it’s been over a month and I’m recovering post surgery.

People always say, “Follow your dreams and eliminate all the negativity”. While this surely brings positive vibes, it is not the reality. Well cheer up and think about marching towards your goal without any hindrance? What fun is that?

We the millennials have just started experiencing what life is all about. We will continue to have obstacles and at some point you may want to back-off. Now I ain’t here to give a pep talk. You feel that its risky for you to take a step forward, you’re always welcome to take a step back. Now don’t get me wrong. At times it is better to back-off, even-though events would have turned positive and lit af.

Coming back to my story, I was all ready for the new year to begin and just when I had felt really happy about myself, things took a U-turn and here I’m writing a blog about the same. I was not getting hold of myself and bad dreams kept coming on and off. Well it’s not that because I had a surgery and my life started sucking. It is in-fact the plans that totally let me down. I had planned the next 6 months systematically and all I wanted was for it to work out. First 2 months turned out pretty well 😂.

Leaving the jokes aside, “Don’t Follow the Toilet Paper”. Don’t ask yourself about the next plan/next vacation/next date/next trip etc. Let it just happen. Don’t allow your plans and dreams to master you. Most importantly don’t make a mess of yourself by preparing a flow-chart and listing down career options. Well, you will be bound to seek opportunities where there is progress but don’t rush in. I’m not saying that things will happen out of the blue, you will have some references that had worked perfectly.

Following rules are not the same as that of what the title describes. Rules are integral part of our life and it is the fundamental that differentiates an individual. The ‘Toiletpaper’ referred here is in context to theplans/dreams whose composite nature is unknown until the beginning of its chapter. What do you do when a plan fails? Take the example of the most famous Goa trip our friends always let down. In most cases this plan fails due to a situation that does not work out for an individual or a group, to specify in a more generic term. You STFU and continue. Why not do it to every plan that seems to bother you. I’m just a mediator saying shitty things? Try it for yourself and then thank me.

Every second is a situation and every situation has a plan. Now do you want to keep planning the rest of your life or get the fuck out there and show some skills you’ve got? People appreciate those who are exposed out in the open, not for their bravery but for their negligence towards ‘toilet papers’. It is with great responsibility that an individual who seems to have worked out to not follow the toilet paper will have his/her own policy written as he/she progress in their life. Believe me guys its working perfectly fine for me and I’m just telling you all to give it a shot. I’m no way here to persuade anyone, but wanted to share some of these thoughts with you as a friend.

It so seems right for me to end the blog here. Before that I just wanted to mention: it is my first time swearing in a blog and also would like to leave a link: Intelligent people are more likely to swear, a study has found.“It’s sort of my justification to it”.

‘Keep your dreams alive. Understand how to believe it. Remember all things are possible for believers not methodical thinkers.’


  1. I absolutely agree with u …never plan things ..Just allow it to flow ….One suggestion if u don’t mind ..Pls do not use foul language in a blog ..It creates a bad impression on the writer ..

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  2. Hai Srivatson
    Nice.The maturity we got at 50,still someone even don’t get,is reflected in your blog.Appreciate but expect more such, even when you are fully busy too when you don’t even have time to think.Try

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