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Welcome back you guys!! It’s really been a long time writing these blogs and just now as of 11:50 a.m, Sunday morning (13-08-2017), a very interesting idea popped into my head. As the title reads, ‘The Square and the Circle‘.

What is it be a Human Being? You have plenty of void space to answer this question I suppose…

Let us not bring in any philosophical perspectives into this definition, but we’ll stick to the point stating that a person is a physical being with some responsibility. But has anyone thought of relating responsibilities to human emotions. Well this is where the Square and Circle comes into play.


Emotions are of wide varieties that naturally bring about certain changes in one’s behavior. But the change itself is different for male and female. I would like to elaborate on the fact that ‘male’ and ‘female’ handle their emotions that resemble the geometric shapes of ‘Square’ and ‘Circle’ respectively. Boys and men have these so called ‘male syndrome’-(a state of frustration and anger) that takes sharp swings with even the most pedestrian happy thoughts. That’s why there is the square representation of sharp 90 degree angles that ultimately take blind turns to overcome ‘male mood swings’ .

On the other hand, girls and women have greater emotional reactivity and are twice likely to suffer from depression. Moreover maximum of the female population tend to get attached to a certain mood and travel around it, making their thoughts move around in a circle. circle-xxlStudy finds that women tend to focus more on the feelings generated by negative emotions whereas men remain somewhat ‘passive’ towards it, trying to analyze the stimuli and their impact.

Although these studies take a little bit of negative stance with respect to women, the circle is also depicting exceptional but undervalued traits of women. The circle represents the natural leadership skills and coins women as ‘masters of opportunity management’. Their emotional intelligence can be off the charts even though it is something that they can’t really portray in the real world.

Men have been taught to keep their emotions to themselves and we hide it better. It is probably because of the area of the Square that lets us dump in any emotional affair within the four pillars.

A small portion of the ELITE DAILY article states, “Men are becoming more accepting of the emotions they are experiencing, as well as more open about them, while women are becoming more independent, more sexually open and more emotionally reserved”.

Women have circular vision and this is what that makes them great leaders. For example, they have their finger on the pulse of the culture and can talk to you about the latest pop-culture news, but then easily switch gears to give you their perspective on what is taking place on Dalal Street. With higher opportunities and dreams that are always accepted for men, women tend to be on the positive side as men fail multiple times in accomplishing their goals.

I’ve learned that men and women may process things differently and in their own terms. Fortunately for me, I’ve been influenced by great men and women who made me appreciate their approach towards leadership. I’ve grown to understand their decision-making processes, the dynamics and subtleties of their personality and style, and other special character qualities that they possess.

You would just be in a confused state and I do really appreciate your patience if you’ve come up-to this point of my blog as it seems really appropriate that i would end it before it reaches a whooping 800 words. It is one of my longest and really thought provoking blog. It is 13:10 p.m Sunday afternoon and would like to take a quick nap.

At last I would like to say, “To the great men and women in my personal and student life, thank you for the opportunity to be inspired and mentored by your leadership and emotions (you know who you are)”.

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