Digital Detoxing


rho-ohm Tech Detoxing…


Well..This is my 5th article on this site/blog..

I’d like to draw the attention of all the tech geeks out there!!

Coz this is for those who prefer gadgets over their girlfriends.I certainly want to make a bulletin stating that you guys are affected by a condition called gizmo fever!!

Few are at level-1 and few are at the very extreme.I include myself in the extreme category for the same reason that i wake my phone’s screen every minute even if a message doesn’t drop on whatsapp!! BBM had me going crazy during the early days of 2011-12,and then we all shifted to whatsapp..Some perhaps used it as soon as  Jan Koum released it to Android..

Facebook,Instagram,Whatsapp,Skype and other apps drived us nuts and we still are the same after 6yrs of the release of each and every app,some probably more than that.Have you ever woken up on a Sunday morning without snoozing your alarm on your smartphone?Exactly from that point on-wards we are attracted like opposite poles to our mini-computers that give us nothing but digital strain,tension and to an extent sleeplessness.Just for promotion:digital strain watch this and you understand why its is so important to protect your eyes!!

To get cured from this condition of gizmo fever we need to do what is called the Digital Detoxing(DD).

This is very important in terms of what the whole scheme offers, every tech geek lurking around with his/her smartphone and having inconclusive results about his future biology!! I know this statement sounds weird..

I’ll elucidate this with a fact that you are producing 0-results as far as your health is concerned.What affects your health is a variety question that can be answered in many perspective ways,but sticking to my content, radiations and the blue light emitted from your quad HD,OLED display and any LCD screen for that matter will have adverse effects on your system and its functionality..

Digital Detoxing is a method that works efficiently to avoid excess involvement of yourself with smartphones,laptops and even T.V for carving your sculpture to utmost precision.

You people need to have the consistency while doing this workout session every day!

1.Make sure you have your smartphone locked at a safe place and wait for an hour without waking it up.

2.If you are unsuccessful in completing the first task,switch off your Wi-Fi and repeat step1.

3.If this too fails switch off your mobile for half an hour and repeat step1 again.

4.Continue doing this task thrice everyday and slowly increase the time rate at which your smartphone needs to be untouched..

I’m really stressing on this issue coz if you don’t have time to do this, you’ll not have time to look after your health as well.

I’m following this for a week and I’ve myself felt the positive results of Digital Detoxing!!

Wanna have a look at my smartphone that i keep using till now?Link:My Nokia

I made sure that i put up this small piece of info that i gained from a fundamental approach towards total elimination of smartphones!

Tqs a lot for reading this very long blog of mine and I’m sure that you would follow these steps at least for a span of 1-year ..

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”,Thomas Dekker



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