rho-ohmTech Trending…


Are you one of them who really want to get a lot of popularity?

How do you want to portray yourself?

How can you get those millions of fan-followers?

Ahhh!! This keeps popping every now and then and this one such visual crushes all other significant thoughts, which were to be  given their first preference. It is those time of solitude when you get these freakin ideas of becoming famous and taking selfies with random people!!

But giving it a 2 or 3 minute thought and having  deep introspected for a day or two, you gain that faint happiness that there are probabilities of you trending in your society!!

You know something? I don’t like my blog without some technology quotes! So in that case take a small comparison- What was a Virtual Reality (VR) which came into existence was over-compensated with Augmented Reality(AR)!! Does it make sense? What was just a mere imagination a decade ago, came into strong relation with the humans, after the  launch of Google Cardboard, Samsung VR , Oculus that were soon over-powered with Microsoft’s holo lens and recently launched Lenovo AR Headset..

You may probably click the >< button, not willing to read my next couple of statements..

But wait a minute!! There are real-time possibilities for you to trend.Many of them already are and many will be in the near future.

I am not going to tell you the ways of trending in this BLOG, rather would post a serious note about the path in which people should trend.

Choose your LOVE and love your CHOICE, wouldn’t that be the simplest idea for one to follow and accomplish their goals? Similar to maximum disadvantage in case of human cloning (Human cloning is the creation of a genetically identical copy of a human. The term is generally used to refer to artificial human cloning, which is the reproduction of human cells and tissue)- “of course taken from WIKIPEDIA”, there are high risks of one trending in the wrong direction..

You may and you should wonder why I’ve compared human cloning to that of trending in the wrong direction. The very fact that when one starts trending in the wrong side there are many replica of that person produced each and every second.Moreover with the kind of technological advancements, that person would be breathing his last stages of life in terms of Hacking? Ahh Even I’m confused now!. He would have accepted the brighter side, but sometimes you have that curiosity to perform illegal acts that in the long run would eventually lead you to prison-(the ultimate destination for every offender).

Even though that person would be trending , it would always be temporary and he/she will take all curse of the public. What if all these doesn’t happen and you lead a normal life without any popularity? That sounds good but only to some people!

Heyy man I’m sorry to bore you, but yeah the true fact is 75% would like to trend in some good way. This may be temporary or permanent but the kind of response you get would be amazing, especially if you crack a JEE exam and come in top 3 rankings.

This kind of gaining popularity would only last a week or two but you will cherish those moments..

Trending is important but the choice lies with us..

Few quotes about choices would fill up my blog:

“We are entering an era of unprecedented choice. And thats a good thing.”, Chris Anderson

“We are unknowingly predictable in our choices. It can be seen by the way we decorate our houses. We all feel we make unique and distinct choices, yet we all stand by cultural standard.” Aww by me!!

You have completed reading my 610 words!!

Trend well, Sleep well!

This blog was not supposed to end like this!!







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